Bright Emissaries 2014Western Science

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Day One (August 11, 2014) The Central Star

Invited Talk: Stan Owocki, The Broader Relevance of Be Stars [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

Contributed Talks

             Thomas Rivinius (The Variable Equatorial Velpocity of Achernar) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Diego Castaneda (Modelling Observable Properties of Rapidly Rotating Stars) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Anahi Granada (Evolution of Intermediate Mass Rotating Stellar Populations) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Michel Cure (Radiation Driven Wind Solutions and Applications) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Nathaniel Kee (Pulsational Mass Ejection and Radiative Ablation in Be Disks) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Richard Townsend (GYRE: A New Tool for Exploring Be Star Oscillations) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

Afternoon session:

Invited Talk: Jon Bjorkman, Be Disk Growth and Dissipation: Clues to Star-Disk Interactions [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

Contributed Talks

             Daniel Faes (Stellar Rotation Effects on Be Star Disks: Achernar) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Nicholas Hill (Hyper-Spectral Synthesis of Active OB Stars Using GLaDoS) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Anatoly Miroshnichenko (Binaries Amoung Be Stars) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Richard Cyr (The Gravitational Effect of Close Binaries on Be Stars) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Despina Panoglou (Conditions Governing Mass Transfer in Binaries) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]


Day Two (August 12, 2014) The Disk

Morning session

Invited Talk: Gail Shaefer, Properties of Be Star Disks ar High Spatial Resolution [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

Contributed Talks

             Amber Boyer (Properties of the Be Star Disk h and chi Persei [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Chien De Lee (Dust Formation in Be Stars with Large near-IR Excess) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Bethany Grzenia (The Disks around 48 Per and psi Per) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Jeffrey Fung (Irradiation Instability (IRI) on the Surface of Decretion Disks) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Robert Klement (Detailed Modelling of beta CMi) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Rodrigo Vieira (Non-Isothermal Effects on Be Disks) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

Afternoon session

Invited Talk: Atsuo Okazaki, Current Status of Our Understanding of Be Star Physics [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

Contributed Talks

             Cyril Escolano (2.5D Global Disk Oscillation Models for zeta Tau) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Petr Kurfurst (Hydrodynamic Modelling of Large Circumstellar Disks) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Joh Wisniewski (Disk-Loss and Disk-Renewal Phases in Classical Be Stars) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Leandro Rimulo (A Semiautomatic Pipeline for Be Star Light Curves) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Carol Jones (Be Stars: Growth and Dissipation) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

Day Three (August 13, 2014) Interactions / Extensions

Morning session

Invited Talk: Christophe Martayan, Be Stars Through the Telescope: An Observational Review [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

Contributed Talks

             Gkouvelis Leonardos (IPHAS Be Stars of the Northern Galactic Plane) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Warren Reid (Newly Discovered Be Stars in the LMC) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Samer Kanaan (The Upcoming Be Stars Southern Survey) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Gregg Wade (Magnetic Fields of Be Stars from the MiMes Project) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Myron Smith (The Origin of Hard X-Rays in Gamma Cas) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Jesse B. Golden-Marx (Discovery of the Earliest Type Oe stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]


Afternoon session

Invited Talk: Astrid Lamberts, Interacting Binaries: Be Stars and High-Energy Astrophysics [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

Contributed Talks

             Michael Alexander (Fermi Gamma-Ray Observations of Be Binary Systems) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Mira Grudzinska (The First Be Star in a Black Hole Binary) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Mathew Shultz (The Centrifugal Magnetospheres of Bp Stars) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

             Chris Bard (X-Ray Emission from Centrifugal Magnetospheres) [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

Closing remarks on observational astronomy by Karen Bjorkman [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]

Closing remarks on theoretical astronomy by Jon Bjorkman [mp3 audio] [mp4 video]